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My sister mentioned today at supper that it finally rained last night. I told her I hadn't heard it.

Next thing I knew, she was staring at me wide-eyed.

Apparently, she conversed with me last night, after it had started raining. It went something like this:

"Sarah... where's your weather radio?"

Me: "The crank one or the plug-in one?"

"The crank one."

Me: "I dunno."

(Then she felt her way around for my normal plug-in radio, which also receives weather signals.)

(She turned the light on then, but decided it would probably be too bright for me, so turned it back off. She says she was surprised that I didn't say anything.)

"Sarah, where's your flashlight?"

"Sarah.... where's your flashlight?"

"Hey Sarah, where's your flashlight?"

"Where's your flashlight, Sarah?"

"Sarah, I can't find your flashlight in the normal spot... where is it?"

"Hey, where's your flashlight?"

"Sarah, where's that flashlight?"

I heard only that one last question (and only once, not seven times). I was too tired to think of where I put it (next to my HBA basket, incidentally). I have absolutely no recollection of the conversation other than that!

In other news, I won the 4-H demonstration contest two nights ago without even having had the time to practice.....


Aleshia said…
I've reportedly said some pretty hysterical things in my sleep. Once I believed I declared that I was "NOT going to mop." And I've also been known to sleep talk in spanish, but the person that told me this didn't know what I had said.

(And, in case you noticed, I'm trying to be better about commenting on blogs rather than just reading, since everyone else is so nice to me. *grin*)
RS said…
Wow, sleeptalk in Spanish? You have to know the language pretty well to do that...

The one other time I sleepspoke (sleeptalked sounds odd... but so does that, come to think of it) all I did was mumble a bit of gibberish. I was astounded to learn I could carry on an intelligible conversation! My sis also said I rose up a bit as if I was looking at her.

(oh good, our niceness has finally paid off! *return grin*)

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