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....has to be one of my favorite holidays, if not the favorite. It might possibly be second to Christmas, but it might not.

So I got to see lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents - family is half the reason to have any holiday. My grandma wasn't doing well, but I'm praying she'll recover some. The rest were doing just fine, and we had a ball playing together, especially on my dad's side of the family. There we played a million games of "up and down the river" (a game using a normal deck of cards) and not a few of something called "authors" (which closely resembles "go fish").

I also took lots of funny pictures (which are not online, since I just got back to college a bit ago!). One round of photos features five of us cousins crammed onto a three-seater couch. It was a bit of a tight squeeze. :-P


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