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Artistic pursuits

This is what happened this week:

... I enjoyed a concert by the college's instrumental ensembles
... I attended a comedic play put on by the drama department
... I watched "Hero" at a friend's apartment (artsy Chinese film)
... and I will be attending a county orchestra concert tonight.

In addition, I just finished that purple skirt that I started awhile back. (No, no pictures yet - but I promise, I will post some very soon!)

Now, doesn't that sound like a very artistic week?

Anyhow. I really enjoyed the college concert because I knew some people in the bands and they did the theme from "Lawrence of Arabia" among other good pieces. The play was definitely funny, especially since my small group leader played two very different parts quite well. "Hero" was cool, in that it had some interesting special effects and uses of said effects, plus it made excellent use of color in differentiating parts of the story. I have no opinion on tonight's concert yet, of course; except that I'm expecting to enjoy it immensely, since it will feature music by a couple of my favorite composers. :-)

The purple skirt is COOL. *grin*


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