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Nothing much.

Yeah.... once I'm in a groove, things are routine and there's not much new to tell. Two months, has it been? Not bad.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are especially routine, just because of my class schedule and various events that happen those nights. I rather like it though.

I'm contemplating a quick trip into town tomorrow to pick up some toothpaste. I hope it doesn't rain.

Oh, one rather interesting thing - but backstory first. In my English class we've been assigned to do an audio essay, and as part of that we had a class session all about using the recording program Audacity. One of my friends, experimenting with mixing tracks, created an a capella beat using his mouth (as in POH-pupupu-POH or something like that), his hands, a file scraping against something, a couple pencils... he just kept adding parts to the beat. It reminded me of something like STOMP. And it was very very cool. Hilarious, too. :-)


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