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Tomorrow is not only Tuesday... is the official beginning of Thanksgiving Break.

And, to commemorate this momentous occasion, I shall....

...wash a load of laundry?

Anyhow, I'm quite excited to go see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I'll get to exchange notes with my college cousin and my seamstress cousin; and I will probably get to entertain the various members of my extended family who will ask lots of questions about college (just like last time). Doesn't that sound fun? Well, it will be. I will also get to eat lots of GOOD FOOD! In fact, I'll probably help make a good portion of it.

In addition, I will be investigating stores for a good black skirt. My beloved Mafia has appropriated my current one for several months now.


mafia said…
you are perfectly allowed to take your OWN clothes to college.
I'm NOT stoppinmg you....
RS said…
:-P But you have been enjoying my (well, yours now) skirt, haven't you?

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