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And now... a real update!

So I've been at home on break; it's quite nice. I'm getting pretty lazy though, or at least I'm not nearly as busy as I have been at college. I hope to remedy that soon. I have lots of projects up my sleeve.... books to read, journal entries to write, songs to copy into my songbook, meals to cook, Christmas shopping to do, relatives to visit, a Christmas letter to write, blogs to keep up on (*grin*), photographs to take, poems to memorize, and something in the bottom of my suitcase that I'm forgetting at the moment... dangit, I wish I could remember what that was! I remembered last night... and my sis would probably help me remember, but she's not around at the moment. Grr.

I'm keeping up on my (relatively) new dancing hobby. I taught my brother the basic steps and two moves of Hustle today, believe it or not. He's one of the last people I would have thought interested enough to learn. But he wasn't bad at all, and admitted it was fun once you got the basic stuff right and could do it without having to concentrate too hard.

It turns out that on Thursday my family (including myself) will end up visiting my maternal grandparents, the result of a phone call last night and a frantic rearranging of plans. (Because we still have to do almost ALL of the shopping!) So tonight my mom and I will be doing lots of Wal-Mart browsing.... a yearly tradition, between the two of us, that I have come to enjoy. (My sister could not possibly be convinced to go on any shopping trip, much less one of lengthy duration!)

I made my mom promise to make her wonderful cheeseball for New Year's!

Tomorrow is the youth group progressive dinner... great fun... I'm tagging along, though I'm technically not in the 7thb-12th grades anymore. :-)


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