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This is finals week, and I'm not stressing out. Is that a sin?

I do have two exams tomorrow morning, one of which might be the hardest of the three I have to take this week; and I've studied this morning and a little this afternoon. But I don't think excessive studying is going to do anything for me; I already know most of the material, and what little I don't quite remember is probably going to stick after glancing at the computer screen on which it was posted (mine) a few times. That's how I remember that John Lasseter was the founder of Pixar and developed the digitization of animation (basically, he directed/produced Toy Story).

See, it's the little things that I occasionally forget. The important stuff, like the four eras of journalism and the means by which TV stations get revenue, etc., is practically impossible to forget - especially since the questions are always in some sort of jog-my-memory form like multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank.

We played a form of Jeopardy at the honors party last night. Enjoyable, of course!


Anonymous said…
i'm not stressing about finals either...
RS said…
I hereby rolleth mine eyeballs at thee.
Anonymous said…
i hereby crack a big grin.
Anonymous said…
I wasn't stressed about finals're in good company, it looks like. ;)

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