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Christmas numbers two and three

Last Saturday we went to visit my dad's side of the family! 'Twas great... we were on the road for a looong time, and I was in the throes of a substantial winter cold, but I still had fun. Played wacked ping-pong among other things; with so many cousins and just one ping-pong table, you can't settle for a one-on-one game for long; it becomes a six-person game, with two on each end and one on each side to cover the wild balls. :-)

I wasn't feeling too well that evening, so I spent most of my time in either a blue easy chair which afforded great comfort to my poor little stuffed-up head, or in one of the dining table chairs minimally participating in whatever conversation was going on.

Fortunately, by Christmas Eve I was a little better, so I was able to sing "I Wonder as I Wander" for the church service. Admittedly, I felt like I needed to hack throughout the song, and I wasn't in my best voice, but I guess I didn't sing too badly. (Mom had rewritten the chords in a different key so I could sing it!) A sophomore religion major from church gave the sermon, and was actually pretty good. He'll turn into a regular pastor someday. Funny thing is he's dating our pastor's youngest daughter; I suppose she'll be stuck with being in the pastor's family all her life. She doesn't seem to mind it though because they've been dating for two or three years!

And of course, there was yesterday, Christmas morning. That was our little family gathering. :-) We first read the story of Christmas from my sister's Bible (which was the handiest--mine was still packed away from our trip to Grandma's), then distributed presents; the opening of which was by age, from oldest to youngest. I enjoyed watching everyone open their surprises!! I got my brother a cap gun.

And today we'll visit more cousins!! I can't wait!


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