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Christmas day number one

As before, I will be celebrating three Christmases: one at each set of grandparents' and one at home. The first was yesterday.

Of course, to start the day off, I was working more on wrapping gifts (for a later Christmas, fortunately; yesterday's had been finished on Wednesday). The fun part about this year is that I used paint to write the recipient's name on each package... when the little nozzle wasn't clogged up, which it happened to do once yesterday, fairly badly. I bent over it, squeezing hard...

While unbeknownst to me, my mom had lit a small, itty-bitty candle and set it in the middle of the dining room table where I was working.

My hair isn't really short....

And you can probably guess where this is leading. A few strands of my hair caught on fire, startling me and causing me to wave it around so it would go out quickly (which it did, leaving no noticeable damage to my haircut).

Fortunately the package on which I was writing suffered no harm at all. :-)

So after the little affair of the burnt hair (which smelled awful, by the way; hair apparently stinks when combusted), we (my family, that is) made our way to my grandparents'. On the way we amused ourselves with some of the library's cast-off issues of "Mental Floss" magazine, especially with the quizzes therein containing useless but nonetheless fascinating trivia. (You have no idea how much my family enjoys quizzes! Word Power from Reader's Digest is a good one. )

We enjoyed ourselves at my grandparents', since two sets of cousins were also there. I got to see my grandmother (the one who's been in the hospital lately), and saw that despite her planning for her own funeral and such, she's getting better. She was tired, yes, but much more like herself than she ever was at Thanksgiving. My aunt thinks that even though my grandmother doesn't particularly want to get better, she is going to. :-)

Grandma gave me her older sister's guitar! (My great-aunt passed away a few years ago, and Grandma took the guitar off of her nephew's hands. I played it one time when we were up visiting, so Grandma thought I should have it.) It's a really nice acoustic one, with a good full sound and lower action than my mom's old six-string has. Makes it a little easier for me to play, that's for sure!

I finally saw Transformers last night. Not too bad, I guess. Entertaining.

Hmm, there was something else I was going to post about yesterday.... AHA!

It has to do with dance. See, I've been teaching my brother the Hustle, right? So I taught him two or three more moves in the church gym while Mom worked a little on the bulletin yesterday (between the hair incident and the trip to my grandmother's). He's getting pretty good, and the dance relieves a little of the hankering to keep up the enjoyable hobby. :-) I'm very proud of my brother, and will probably teach him another move or two next week after we get back from my other grandparents'. :-) Thing about the Hustle, though--you can't do it too long, or you'll get too tired and out of breath to keep going, and your legs will hurt!


Anonymous said…'s been a while since I visited...
I've had people plot to burn my hair off.
I still haven't seen Transformers.
I wrapped all my presents that I wrapped (that being one...) approximately one hour before we opened presents.
I still have never learned how to dance. Many people can attest to this fact. Especially anyone who has called 911 due to them thinking I was having a seizure.

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