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</Spring Break>

It's back to classes tomorrow. A full day, but I think I will be happy to be back and busy.

Although, the great thing about this break was that I did manage to find a good-sized project to do over break... or rather, two. The curtains were one; if you've been following my Twitter updates, you've seen how I did them in spurts (kinda). I was working on the very last curtain, the one for the door's window (an odd size and made a bit differently, so I saved it for last), yesterday. Unfortunately, when I was about two-thirds done, a gear gave out in my sewing machine--the upper vertical shaft gear, if you're really that interested--so I couldn't finish it. My mom's machine wouldn't even have served, because Mom broke her last needle on it just a few days ago (I think) and hadn't been to Jo-Ann's to get new ones. Sigh.

I also filled out... fifteen or so job applications (that's a conservative estimate). It took forever. Hopefully something will work out so I can find a decent job for this summer. A bookstore or Jo-Ann's would be heavenly!


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