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And now for Poker

I won another game of poker last night--even though I am absolutely no good at bluffing, and still do not know whether a straight or a flush is better. All I know is, I have amazing luck every time I play the game. My poker-playing friends are jealous of me.

To prove how little bluffing ability I have: One friend was able to tell last night that I and another friend really did have good cards, but my hand was better than the other's. (Obviously she, the other player, can't bluff either.) And my friend with the uncanny ability to read my cards without seeing them has known every time I have a hand whether it is good or nothing.

But I still win these poker games. I don't even care for the game all that much... certainly not enough to ever play for money (not five bucks or whatever).

The fun part though is getting like two flushes in the course of a game (and possibly a three of a kind, I can't remember). And winning the game when one of my two remaining opponents goes all in and I have pocket aces to beat his pair of kings. :-)


mafia said…
who all played and who else can't bluff and who can tell?
RS said…
Check your IM. I answered. :-)

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