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Sewing once again

It's lovely to be back at the sewing machine. I haven't had the chance since before fall semester to create anything from yards of simple fabric. And this time?


And a cape!

My young friend Bee turned ten today, so--since capes are almost a trademark of mine--I decided last night to sew up a little cape for her in the morning. And that's just what I did: started after breakfast and finished up just before lunch. I had to wait until three in the afternoon to give it to her, though, because she wasn't home before then. Imagine the agony! I was eager to give it away.

She loved it. It's covered in blueberries on one side, but on the other (the inside, kinda) it's plain navy. The fun part? It's reversible; so if she wants (and she does indeed want), she can turn the navy side out and match me (since I wear a navy cape a lot).

As for the curtains--I've been meaning to make new curtains for mine and my sister's room for a couple years now, so when Wal-Mart's sewing department closed, I picked up almost 30 yards of fabric to make double-layered, blue patterned curtains. (Blue fades a little better than black... doesn't turn into that icky brownish hue that black becomes.) I have thirteen panels to make, twelve normal panels plus a panel for a door window; and only three of them are done. Yes I know....


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