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Compendium of Links

So, whilst my sister and brother watch CSI, X-Files and Numbers on DVD from the library, I tend to meander my way through the internet. Thus, I find myriad links for my Delicious bookmarks.

How to tell the difference between a violin and an accordion. Hilarious, from a blog I just discovered via the link list on this other newly-discovered blog.

This guy is the same age I am and writes for Boundless. His latest article is about Facebook and its tendency to wreak havoc on its users' priorities. Very good.

A fascinating counter to bias in news media, and its accompanying blog.

From the creator of the Shakespearian Insulter--or rather, its Web incarnation (which is incredibly fun, if you haven't already tried it)--comes the Poem of the Masses. Basically, you contribute one line... and on it goes....

Peruse at your pleasure. :-)


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