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Nothing much going on

I know, I'm in Central America, and I have no excuse to say that. But really, this has been a normal week. We had classes, went on a field trip today (to the national museum and on a train), had a movie night tonight at my house... pretty normal proceedings.

We watched "That Thing You Do" and I really enjoyed it. I'd never heard of it before someone mentioned he wanted to watch it, this week, but it turned out to be really cute and fun. We also had some potato chips (a rarity here) provided by one of my friends, and generally hung out for a while until everyone got here (and left and then returned from a quick trip to buy a late supper).

I've not much experience as a hostess, but I like to do it. It helps that my host family is very willing to let me have people over whenever I want, and aren't home on weekend evenings anyway. Perhaps when I get back to living in an on-campus apartment I can continue having friends over regularly.


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