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Not dead!

Just been busy, is all. We went on a paseo this weekend, and I had lots of homework this week... or rather, less time to do homework, because of the things I've been doing every night.

Monday: choir practice
Tuesday: supper out at a Mexican restaurant with our professor and another professor-friend
Wednesday: out to see a movie at the local cinema on discount night
Tonight: movie night at my house

So yeah. And this weekend will be ridiculous. In theory, I have three presentations to prepare for, and 13 sets of exercises in our grammar workbook to complete, plus several chapters to read in a book for one of the classes (these chapters are barely worth being called chapters though). Oh and I need to write about twenty sentences, each with a different verb-preposition pair off of a list. I sincerely doubt we'll ever get to review/present all this work in the three days of class that we have next week.

Why does my prof do this? It's very odd--she'll assign too much to each day, then we never get to do all that was planned. You'd think she'd realize this, and that she needs to cut back on the plans in order to allow time for all the random talking that goes on. It is the class of conversation, after all, and boy do we converse....


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