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Tozer is great.

I've been reading A.W. Tozer again. If you've been reading long enough or paying attention, I love his writing. His book "The Pursuit of God" was wonderful the first time I read through it, and I keep drawing insights from that each time I read it again.

However, this book I'm in is a collection of Tozer's 52 best chapters (which still makes for a little paperback, since his chapters are fairly short). I've read this before too. It has excerpts from "Pursuit of God" in addition to ten other books he wrote (I think there are eleven in total, anyway).

Thing is, when I read Tozer I have to stop and think a lot, and pray, and read my Bible in the meantime. So I've been on several long bus rides since I started this and I'm still in chapter 11 or something.

It amuses me that I started this blog, what, three years ago, with posts about Tozer. But his writing is really something. I recommend "Pursuit of God" especially.


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