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It's New Year's Eve

...and I will be gone tonight to the same family's house where we've spent the last several New Year's Eves.

You know? This year was amazing... I can't believe how it turned out. I finished my second year of college, spent an entire semester in Central America, have developed some wonderful friendships... saw some amazing examples of God's creative genius... grew to love the little baby in my host family... turned 20...

That's a lot, isn't it? And it isn't half what I did.

Then again, most of the personal growth can't be quantified in an event, as if I could say "on this day I learned such-and-such, and at this location I became such-and-such a kind of person." That developed as I went to work in a warehouse all day over the summer, or walked a mile to class from my host home in Central America, or biked all over my college town instead of driving my (nonexistent) car. Or when I was hanging out with my friends at college, or talking to my sister late at night when we couldn't sleep, or riding in the car with my family somewhere.

The journey isn't all about the destination. Sometimes the important part is just getting there.


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