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Shopping, for the last time

No, that does not imply I intend to forswear the act of shopping for the rest of my life.

I went into downtown today, for the last time before I leave this beautiful Central American country. I bought several gifts for my host family, some T-shirts for myself, something for my mom (which I intend to give as an early Christmas present as soon as I get home, because I'm too excited to wait longer), and a little bag so I can have a pocket even when my skirts/dresses have none.

We got lost in the Central Market several times... you couldn't imagine how crowded and confusing that place is! It's the size of a small Wal-Mart but with a ton of little vendor shops inside, crammed wall-to-wall, and filled with every little thing imaginable. Half the stores sell food, the other half things (I'd say "chunches" but you wouldn't understand that). The aisleways are barely big enough to allow two people to pass through, and are not regular in the least (except that most of them are perpendicular...not all).

I did manage to find a slingshot to give to my little host brother. :)


Guitarlady said…
Oh that sounds like so much fun. Reminds me of that market in El Salvador. :-)
RS said…
Oh yes, but much more crowded! I can't think of a suitable comparison, but trying to get through the Mercado Central has confused me royally now.

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