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Packin' on up, movin' on out

I think that's a line from some song. I can't place the song though.

I started packing today, in the small suitcase I'll be bringing back. Funny thing--I brought just one suitcase to Central America, a large one. I will be bringing that one back, of course, filled with clothing. However, a friend of mine ended up having three suitcases down here (his parents had sent a third suitcase with someone who had visited the States and returned here during our semester). He only needs and wants two, because we can take two checked bags free (have to pay for anything further). He doesn't have anything he needs to put in this third bag.

So, he's lending it to me till classes start again in January, and both of us are very grateful. I get more room to pack things (yay!), and he gets more room in his large suitcase because he doesn't have to fold up his third bag and pack it in as well (yay!). Convenient, eh?


Guitarlady said…
Yes it is from a song - "Jeanie's packing up, Jeanie's moving out". It's from the musical "Brigadoon", sung while Jeanie is preparing to get married. :-)

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