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Windows 7 is on my laptop

Isn't that cool? (That's the minimized programs on the Windows 7 taskbar.) I just bought Windows 7 for a huge discount, and I worked on installing it this morning. It was actually easy to set up, and I managed to get my computer back to working order after a little while (including all the docs, music, and photos I had to copy off my computer before installing the new OS!).

I also installed iTunes for the first time in my life. It's a decent program, but I wish I could change the metadata more easily. Especially when I want to change the album-artist for a whole group of songs and I can't do it just with one action.
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da_baum said… can change them all on a Mac with one action. If you select all the songs you want to change, then do "Get Info", you can edit it there under the "Info" tab. It's under the file menu on a Mac...dunno what the menus look like for you though. I would assume that option is there somewhere.
RS said…
ooh that works! Now I just wish I could change individual metadata more easily (rather than having to right-click and "get info" on each one). I know I used to be able to do that in Windows Media Player (but I don't care for that program).
da_baum said…
Individual metadata as far as song titles, track number, and other things/other such things (sorry, had to! :) )? You should be able to just select a song, then left-click the track name, artist, composer, genre, and comments (and probably other things too) in the main window and it'll let you edit it there. Track numbers have to be edited when you do "Get Info", as far as I can tell.
Is that what you were looking for?

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