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"Home is where the heart is," indeed.

Do you really feel at home here, in your town, in your country?

There are several students at my little Christian college who were missionaries' kids from Papua New Guinea. They left four, five, six years ago, perhaps, after having spent their entire childhood and much of their adolescence in that very different culture. They find so much that's unfamiliar in the U.S., yet from now on it will most likely be the one home they have, especially for the ones whose parents have moved back to the U.S. for good and have taken up pastoring stateside churches.

Where and when will they feel completely and utterly comfortable? Did they ever feel that way to start with?


Anonymous said…
Third Culture Kids. I fear they never really 'fit' in. There's hope, but on a general level, home is not as easily definable.
mafia said…
and thy philosophical conversation starts anew.....

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