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It's life.

Well, to simplify everything, life has been relatively busy these past couple weeks.

It's not the sort of thing I would write about here, on my blog, though. It's academics and filling out forms and having miscellaneous meetings. It's talking to my friends most evenings and to my roomie late at night about everything and nothing.

It's wondering what doors would think of being opened and shut all the time... if they could think.

It's e-mailing a lot of people, hoping to get answers, and conducting a short interview to write a (long) article summarizing the work my campus has done to send financial aid to Haiti. And e-mailing more people about an article describing the plans for this semester's series of honors-program seminars. And taking lots of pictures for both articles. Which all culminated in getting one article on the front page and one on page 3 of this Friday's edition of the campus newspaper.

It's also translating from Spanish to English for a girl who's talking to a friend of hers in Honduras over Facebook chat. The poor girl in Honduras was panicking and asking this girl for help, because her tuition bill was coming due the next day and she didn't have the money to pay it. She had been relying on government scholarships, all of which were rescinded during the political brouhaha that's been going on.

Life is also talking to my sister and my mom periodically, just a few minutes at a time, over the phone. And going back home this weekend to visit and volunteer.

If I think of anything else life is, or becomes, I'll let you know.


mafia said…
so how did she meet her if she doesn't speak spanish?

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