Saturday, July 03, 2010

Talk about a double entendre

Consider this children’s song I heard today, while visiting the second Family Camp this year:

“I think I’m gonna throw up
I think I’m gonna throw up
I think I’m gonna throw up
My hands to the Lord.”

There’s more, too. Full video of lyrics with the music is on YouTube, of course. Slightly more commentary below it.

Really? I don’t think I’d especially want my kids scampering around my house singing that. (If I had any. Or if I babysat them.)

My mom thinks it’s cute for little kids (think kindergarten through 2nd grade). It seems to me like it’s making a mockery of praising God. Something just doesn’t feel right about this song.

Then again, I’m also not seven years old, nor am I a fan of bathroom humor.

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