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“I like…”

“I like Facebook.”

“I like Blogger.”

That’s nice.

“Facebook’s utility for sharing whole packages of information, be it made of audio-visual elements, simply photos, or even short snippets of thoughts, is unmatched. In addition, the ease with which three or more users may interact over such elements is particularly striking.”

“You speak the truth; however, Facebook hardly lends itself to short-form, well-thought-out writing that is meant to be read without distractions; and its standardization prohibits any one person or organization from developing a distinctive, memorable look. Blogger permits this, and furthermore allows any reader to, well, read and comment, which Facebook at this point restricts.”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Now to fully explain my point. It seems that Facebook’s “like” button is permeating the whole world of the Internet, and this development disturbs me. Why should everything be simply “liked”? Cannot we have any concurrence or promotion, at least, if not actual evaluation of a website element’s merits?

Must the world be reduced to personal taste?

I want some argument! Must we be barred from making sound judgments on things, giving reasons for our assessments, and critiquing others’ assessments based on mutually-assumed principles? Only in this manner can we improve our understanding of the world.


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