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“On the sixth day of Christmas…” = Books!

Well, thank goodness I haven’t received any six geese a-laying, though I don’t think I’d have minded the five golden rings.

Being the holiday season, not much has been going on in my life. I’ve been able to curl up in a corner of the couch all day and read, write, or blog… and really, “all day” is not much of an exaggeration. But it’s highly relaxing.

The only thing I’ve had to do besides lounge around is go Christmas shopping with my mom. It’s a tradition we have—the two of us are the only ones in the family that like shopping, so every year I help her pick out the Christmas gifts for all our extended family in addition to our immediate family. (Sometimes I even pick out my own, as I did this year.) So on Monday and yesterday we went shopping for my mom’s side of the family, whose family Christmas will be celebrated this weekend.

Of course, while shopping for Christmas, we happened to find some things we wanted ourselves. Especially at this one store called Ollie’s. This store has a huge book section (it may as well be a medium-sized bookstore within a bargain outlet) and I found two books:

  • The Nighstand Reader for Children. I collect read-aloud books, when I find good ones, and this one was too excellent to pass up. Few pictures, but perfectly marvelous story selections (I examined the index and found the likes of Aesop, A.A.Milne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Carl Sandburg…). Some poetry and riddles as well.
  • Langenscheidt’s Pocket Dictionary: French. I’m going to learn French someday, I hope. And it was three dollars.


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