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The problem with Twitter

I don’t have texting. Yet I have a Twitter account. I accomplish this via a desktop widget on my laptop.

Of course, this means I use Twitter only when I’m at my laptop.

Sometimes I think of something that I want to post on Twitter—a quick reflection on a piece of news, or whatever—but I realize that, because of Twitter’s extremely time-sensitive nature, it doesn’t really make sense to post anything about it even just a couple hours after the fact. I’d just be behind the times.

Then there are other instances when I can think of something to write that is quite timely, but much too long for a Twitter update, even if it comes to me in response to something I saw on Twitter.

So these are my problems:

  1. Twitter has a memory of about thirty seconds; no long-term memory exists for it.
  2. Twitter allows thoughts about ten seconds long, no more. No logical, well-developed conclusions can be permitted; they’re just too long.

And that is why I still haven’t abandoned my personal blog.


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