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“Long time passing…”

Where have all the young men gone?

I know the original song was an anti-war song; but every time I read something of this sort, it’s what runs through my mind. “The Death of the Grown-up,” you say? What about the death of the young man?

I’m five months away from graduating from a Christian college. I’ve been here nearly four years—and my complaint is that so many people here don’t seem to be very grown up. It’s the subtle difference between girls and women; between guys and men.

Guys, you see, are not bad or anything; they’re kinda fun, decent, don’t necessarily slack off on their schoolwork or anything. But men—well, the men are capable of long-range planning, for starters. They’re fun and decent, too, but they also have more wisdom. They can restrain their spending to be able to afford books next semester, for example. Or they are conscious that the opinions they currently have might change in the future. They know what they want to do with their lives, and they’re pursuing that.

It’s hard to explain just what separates guys and men. All I know is, the guys far outnumber the men at this college… and it’s quite disappointing! (Especially when the few men aren’t asking you out on any dates, but that’s another story for another time. :D )


MutantJanitor said…
Having been a 'guy' for the most part up until a year ago (and I'm 26), I wish I could have an answer. What you are asking is a valid point that I've observed myself.
RS said…
Heh. At least I know I'm not crazy or hallucinating... that it's not just me!

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