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Happy New Year (resolutions and a 550th post)

Guess what?? It’s 2011, full of Binary Days, graduations (mine and my cousin’s, maybe my brother’s too), and the unknown. For those who care, this is the last year until 2100 that we will have any full Binary Days where the year is included in the celebration. Therefore, the last Binary Day for 89 years will also be the greatest, 11/11/11. (Several friends think, with me, that people will try to get married on that day, like they did for 10/10/10.)

And to celebrate the New Year, I am posting the 550th post right now. *blows a noisemaker*

I’ve also received 813 comments on this blog—which number I arrived at courtesy of Blogger’s new comment managing tool, which has alllll the comments listed (like KB used to!) and a total number of them. Since I wrote the 800th comment in reply to someone else, I will instead extend congratulations to Carol (who wrote the 799th comment) and da Baum (who is responsible for the 802nd comment, as well as about a third of the other comments on this blog).

Do I have any resolutions this year? Oh, a few, I suppose.

  • Read the Bible consistently. (Starting that this morning.)
  • Do “Sweating to the Oldies” with my roommate to get rid of the Christmas extra pounds… haha!
  • Post more on my blog. (Both of them actually.)
  • Sew something! Anything!
  • Learn to play more challenging chords/picking patterns on guitar.

Since 5 is the magic number, I think this is a reasonable set of goals. (Well I suppose attainability is more important than number, but I digress.)


da_baum said…
I don't comment THAT much!

Well...ok, maybe I got nothin... Yay for a KB reference though? And I'm actually getting married on 11/11/11! My fiancee's dad is a veteran, so we thought Veterans Day would be a cool way to honor him.
RS said…
Well, baum, my buenas felicitaciones! Make sure you convince your bride to dress her bridesmaids in red and and you dress the grooms in blue, and don't forget to wave a lot of little flags from your car windows. I would also recommend a 3-volley salute as the recessional begins. An Armistice Day wedding must be appropriately celebrated, you know.
da_baum said…
Oh wow, I can't believe we BOTH forgot the most important thing too! A *real* fiancee! O:)

On a completely unrelated note, I think that if either Sam or I get married and you are not physically present at the wedding (which probably won't happen for mine, sorry...), you will not believe us if we tell you we are married...

On another completely unrelated note, I think that if you had the chance you would quite possibly slap both Sam and I for our twisting the truth (or entirely making it up?) so often...and we would deserve it too...
MutantJanitor said…
The real question - at the end of the day, how much does Sarah really care? :p
Carol said…
Hi, Sarah! I just checked your blog to see what was going on, and I see I get a reward for the 799th comment! Thank you! How big is the check you are sending to me? I didn't get a Christmas letter and I didn't get a visit over Christmas--are you slipping up? I am still sending out my Christmas photos and form letters. I don't want to waste them! Joel starts back at Stark State on Tuesday. Come visit sometime! Let me know when you get close to 1,000 comments so I can try to get another honorable mention! :-)

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