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Wikipedia 1, lightning 0

I have this one Facebook friend whom I’ve met exactly two times. (Not very substantial meetings either; he was at a couple contra dances I went to with his sister.) He is always publishing melancholy “I’m not dating anybody!” statii, his friends always console him in the comments, and once in a while those things show up in my news feed.

Random, I know. But this is getting somewhere. One such consolatory remark was written by a woman who said she had followed Rebecca St. James’ advice to “wait for him” (or some such thing) and had actually found a decent him. It made me wonder, has Miss St. James ever found anybody? Much good her waiting (which I took to mean passivity) did if she hasn’t yet… she’s got to be in her late thirties, I thought.

So I googled—“is Rebecca St. James actually married”? And I pulled up her Wikipedia page, looked under “personal life,” and found out that she had just gotten engaged over Christmas, a rumor on several blogs that she confirmed on her various social networking sites. (Of course, Wikipedia included links to the Facebook and Twitter updates.)

That is, she had just announced the engagement via Twitter and Facebook… about an hour ago. Yep, Wikipedia is just that fast. Quicker than a bolt of lightning.

(Also, since she was born in 1977, she is 33 years old. OK, not quite as old as I thought she was.)


MutantJanitor said…
Wikipedia knows all. Even if its sometimes false.

But with Rebecca St. James, I found her whole stance on romance a bit starry-eyed. It's not that Wait for Me was a bad concept. Maybe it had a soulmate kind of attitude to it, which personally drives me nuts.

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