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Compendium of Links #40

Daylight Saving Time went into effect this morning. Thus, I overslept a bit (despite my alarm) and nearly missed praise band practice. I should go sleep soon. But I have several extra tabs open.

38 maps you never knew you needed – including how Google autocomplete describes all 50 U.S. states:

Yes, it’s hilarious. The rest of the maps are worthwhile too. Or, shall I say, entertaining. (Via the roomie.)

Speculative Faith gathers Christian sci-fi and fantasy writers together, supplying writing tips, thoughts and encouragement. (Via a Facebook group.)

Why Facebook might be losing teens. Apparently Tumblr is the next new thing. I so called it years ago. (Well, not the Tumblr thing, but the fact that Facebook’s monopoly wouldn’t last forever.) Via Challies:

Ultimately, the day of the overshare may have passed, and bragging online isn't as fun as it used to be. "I think that kids just don’t care anymore," Bois wrote. "They have gotten over the idea of knowing everybody’s life and everybody knowing their lives!"

The Atlantic (only my favorite magazine) says great teachers can’t save America’s schools – at least not until they’re freed from crippling curriculum standards. As a reporter who covers education, I must say I hear from lots of teachers and administrators who blame state and federal regulations/standards for restricting what they can do to make the classroom better. This article goes on to say that the Common Core standards are a step in the right direction, but I reserve my judgment.

A random preacher-blogger criticizes seven ways to do a bad word study, including the “Webster’s Dictionary” fallacy. (Link via Challies again.) It’s worth a read for the linguistic sticklers out there who rather enjoy their pastors’ Greek word explanations but want to make sure they’re being like the Bereans – checking the info out for themselves.

For your auditory pleasure: The IU orchestra performs Bohemian Rhapsody. (Link courtesy of an old college buddy.)

It’s like Fantasia meets Queen.


da_baum said…
Two things:

1. I knew Facebook would decline in popularity the moment that KB went under. :(

2. My sister is in the music school at IU! She may have even been at that concert!
Sarah said…
1. Suuure. :P

2. No way! That's awesome! IU is like two and a half hours from me, unfortunately, or I'd be at their concerts too.... I love good orchestras.
da_baum said…
1. Not because KB and Facebook are related. Just all good things must come to and end at some point. Not that I necessarily think either KB or Facebook were good things...but...beside the point...

2. So she wasn't at that concert. But she posted that video on Facebook. That basically counts, right? :P And good orchestras are fantastic! Apparently that video was only the second or third time the group had played the piece together.
Abby said…
Yep, the maps thing is cool.
Sarah said…
1. Haha. You almost let slip that you enjoy(ed) KB and FB.

2. Wow, that's pretty impressive. I would totally have been jealous had she ACTUALLY gone to the concert, but as she had no more experience of it than I did I can forgive her being within such close proximity. :D

And Abby: glad you enjoyed it. :P

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