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What I learned #7: About chuckholes

I opened my lovely newspaper Friday morning and was immediately perplexed by the op-ed page. On it, an editorial cartoon poked fun at all the egregious potholes drivers get slammed by on Indiana roads.

The cartoon pictured a little fairy tossing potholes onto the roads in front of a driver. The fairy was named – ready?

The “chuckhole” fairy.

I asked around at work for someone who’s grown up in Indiana and upon finding one such coworker, asked her if chuckhole was a normal word for potholes. She looked at me a little funny and said yeah.

I’ve since learned, via Facebook, that the term is strange to some others living around here, yet recognized by a smattering of Ohio friends, too.

My own mother said she recognized the term from her hometown.

Am I the only one left that didn’t know what a chuckhole was?

(And a note: I keep posting these “What I learned” pieces late, so I snipped off the “today” in the series title. Get over it. Open-mouthed smile )


Mark Andrew said…
I learned that term this year, too!
Abby said…
I had never heard it in my life until you mentioned it in conjunction with this occurrence.
Guitarlady said…
Hmmmm, how did y'all never hear me say it, I wonder?
Sarah said…
I haven't a clue....

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