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Things you find in a truck bed…

A friend came over to hang out over coffee this morning. (The joys of having Mondays off and friends still in college.) We decided to go out on a walk after finishing the coffee since this weekend is the first really decent weather we’ve had this year.

We started down the sidewalk and noticed that Upstairs Dweller’s truck had its lights on. (This is that ancient, two-tone Ford.) Upstairs Dweller was nowhere in sight, so we checked to see if we could turn the lights off ourselves (or he’d be stuck this afternoon with a dead battery).

As my friend leaned into the truck to check for the headlights switch, she noticed something odd laying in the truck bed and jumped back, hanging onto me for dear life:

A dead coyote.

At least we’re pretty sure that’s what it was.

Why in the world Upstairs Dweller has a dead coyote laying in the back of his truck…. I haven’t a clue.


Abby said…
So who was this?

That's amusing, were you able to turn the lights off eventually?
Sarah said…
Girl from church; I don't think you've met her but cousins have. Yeah, we just had to reach in the other side of the truck to get to the lights.

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