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I bought eight books this past weekend.

And here they are:


It was a mix of the library booksale and a Half Price Books store where I met an old college buddy; and it was a mix of books I’ve read and books I haven’t but am curious about. I spent about $16 all told, I think.

I just have to finish the books I’m currently reading now… but I do so want to start some of these today!

(I suppose I should also go through my existing shelves of books and find about eight other books to get rid of. Easier said than done.)


Abby said…
Apparently Tolkien's books have been translated into LOTS of languages....

What in the world is Bird by Bird?

That Irish book sounds does the history devotional.

Like S. K. as in all the scary stuff? Is that an autobio or something?

Is that Love in the Time of Cholera?

Ever read any Rand before?

Of course, more newsy books.

Nice for 16 dollars.
Sarah said…
Bird by Bird is a book on writing by a short story writer and I've heard good about it from some of my English-major friends/professors. The Irish book IS interesting! I haven't decided about the history devotional as I've not read it yet. Yep, S.K. like all the scary stuff. It's part autobiographical but a lot of it is about the writing process itself, and it's a fascinating read (I read it sometime last year.... or maybe end of 2011, don't really recall.) I read Anthem once and was disgusted by the character's final philosophical destination, but Rand is such a big figure in the politico-economic-philosophical landscape these days I figure I should at least remind myself why. And yes, I was quite pleased with my purchases. :)

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