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Big weekend

It's been a big, busy, exciting weekend.

Saturday was my state's press association's annual awards luncheon, and I got an award.

Not just one, though. Three! All I knew going in was that I was getting something, but I figured it'd be third place in some itty bitty category. But I actually got a little certificate for being... punny. That and the other particular awards I got were completely unexpected. (But the award for being punny was the best. Remember, editors love puns. Especially in headlines.)

And then today, I played piano. In front of people. And without reading music (because my musical-note-literacy is limited to reading one, maybe two, notes at a time). After years of plinking out notes and chords and then broken chords on the black and white keys, sans lessons, it's finally paid off. (Meaning, when church has absolutely nobody else to play the Christmas carols in December, it's not quite the disaster it could've been. :D )


Abby said…
Wow, a REAL award for puns? :-D

So did you mess up? Is mom playing for them this weekend?
Sarah said…
Yup, a REAL award. Technically it was for headline writing, but basically that meant being punny. :D

Of course I messed up, but not badly enough that it derailed everyone! Yup, mom's going to play this weekend, and I'm singing the Huron Christmas Carol.
Abby said…
I tried to talk J into doing that for Christmas Eve service, but he said he couldn't learn the song in a month...
Unknown said…
Congratulations, Sarah!!!!
Unknown said…
Unknown = Carol M.
Sarah said…
Thanks, Carol. :)

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