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Don't get addicted to coffee

I do drink coffee... On occasion. By which I mean, once a week, if that. I'm not addicted.

I plan to keep it that way after following a friend of mine's account of his coffee cleanse. The "cleanse," or cold-turkey coffee quittance, began Friday. Nearly all his tweets since then chronicle the trials and tribulations of an addict's sudden abstinence. And they're amusing.

Yea tho I walk thru the aisle of the freshly ground coffee, I will fear no evil #coffeecleanseday1

Who ever thought cheap church coffee could be so tempting? #coffeecleanseday2

Apparently there is a direct connection between drinking coffee and remembering to use deodorant. #coffeecleanseday2

Nerves are short. I got mad at a spatula. A FLIPPIN' SPATULA. #coffeecleanseday3

Can't read my own hand writing. Dialed five variations of the same numbers. Never did reach a real phone. I'm losing it. #coffeecleanseday3

Before you ask, I have no idea if the tweet about the spatula was punny on purpose.


Abby said…
I quite enjoyed his tweets as well. :-)

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