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Year in review: Or, a Christmas letter

My mom used to write a page-long Christmas letter to old friends of hers, a lot of them people I never met.

She'd design it in the word processing program on computer and add photos like they were clipart. Once I got into writing, I wrote my own segment of the letter, then eventually wrote the entire letter a couple of years.

But I've never snail-mailed my own Christmas letter, apparently. In a digital age, there's little reason to, as most of my friends like to keep in touch via text message or Facebook.

In lieu of a snail-mail letter (I'll send cards instead, late as usual), here's a digital summary of my life this past year!

Sarah's Christmas Update 

God has been incredibly good to me this year. I promise this isn't a humblebrag. Here are the things I get asked about the most.

The most exciting: I bought a house in June! An adorable two-bedroom place with a garage and beautiful hardwood floors. Email me if you'd like to see pictures!

I'm now news editor at the newspaper where I work, which as of April means I am mostly in charge of deciding what news to cover - leading two reporters and the photographer - and editing each day's news sections, with some guidance from the managing editor. I've officially been at this newspaper for 21 months and it's a blast. They let me start writing a weekly column a couple of months ago, too.

My church recently lost its pianist to retirement/moving away, so in addition to playing guitar and bass, I've pitched in on piano for a few Christmas carols in the last few weeks. I can only play broken chords -  don't read music well enough to actually play from that - but it's giving me a good reason to try to learn to play piano properly. I began teaching children's church this summer, about once a month, and this fall began co-leading a weekly Bible study for middle school girls. If there's one thing I'd like prayer for, it's these girls - I love them to death and I want to be a good example to them, to point them to Christ. And, you know... It's middle school. Lots of drama in their lives. :P

It's been a little more than a year now since I began teaching English to a wonderful woman who moved here from Cuba a few years ago. She's an excellent student and always comes with tons of questions about idioms or turns of phrase that she's heard at her job.

This summer I became part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and was matched with a dear little 9-year-old girl who enjoys guitar, indoor games, biking and helping make cookies. She played peewee football and soccer over the summer, so I went to my first football game in probably 8 or 10 years.

That about sums up the highlights this year. I pray that all who read this have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

- Sarah


Charity Moore said…
Enjoyed reading about your year! I love the work you are doing, especially with the young girls. I know God is using you to touch their lives! I'd love to see pics of the house! Merry Christmas! <3
Abby said…
It's always good when your sister actually knows all the events that are described in the Christmas letter and didn't suddenly learn anything new...:-D
Sarah said…
Charity - I'll send you the link via Facebook, then. :)

Abby - hahaha indeed. :D
Deeper Echo said…
Loved this, Sarah. You are really living life.
Sarah said…
Haha, Kassie, just doing what I can. :)
Unknown said…
Well, here's one of your Mom's "old" friends trying to swallow the fact that less and less people are doing snail mail form letters! Well, I did enjoy this one--glad I found it, and I imagine I can print it and pretend it's a snail mail, so thank you! Love, Carol
Unknown said…
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Are you in our neck-of-the-woods today?
Sarah said…
Haha, hi Carol! I actually meant to email you the link next! Glad you found it anyway. :) Yep, I'm making a quick trip over this weekend for Christmas with Mom's side. It'll be a lot of driving in a short time...

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