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Now that would be a hilarious title for a post on Valentine's Day! Don't you think?

er.... *grins*

But I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to the snow that God dumped on us yesterday and overnight. We had a snowdrift in our driveway that was at least three feet deep. So Dad, my brother and I went out this morning to dig the cars out of the drifts, and when we had gotten about ten percent of the snow cleared, our neighbor offered to remove all the snow via his snowblower. It went much faster, and was much easier on my arms & back.

Some of our neighbors may be less than friendly (it's the town...), but these are nice. They even have a nice dog, an Alaskan Husky I think.


Sam said…
how much snow you get?
RS said…
sis: you know, I don't think I ever actually knew his name before. (Wait, I told you this in person, didn't I??)

"Sam" (for today): I think the official report was twelve inches, but in my opinion it was closer to fourteen or fifteen.

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