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Day three

I think this'll be a good day. :-)

Yesterday: finished Jane Eyre, played with my dreidel, wrote a long entry in my journal about one of the rooms in our spot... I love that room. Perhaps, when we return from vacation, I may take the time to type up that description........... there's just something about that room that I love. Is that odd?


MutantJanitor said…
odd in some ways yes, but what isn't odd about humans?
RS said…
Ummmmm........ runny noses are pretty normal, at least at this time of year!
MutantJanitor said…
yeah...but that's a part of living. i mean in human nature, like natural singing in the shower, or something like that?
RS said…
Either that, or the idiosyncrasies are normal, since a person without them would be oddest of all.

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