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Wet basements

Yeah, ours was wet....

Now it smells of bleach and mustiness.

And my feet hurt from hours of basement working this morning/early afternoon.

Now for the long story:

We had a worse than usual rain storm this past week, which caused our basement to get... wet, shall we say. So we had just a teeny bit of water, but it was all over - and thus anything that directly touched the floor was ruined, or pretty much. Boxes of books, a few old files (fortunately nonessential), miscellaneous stuff, and four suitcases (well, three suitcases and one vanity case).... lots and lots of stuff. We won't miss most of it though.

So at about nine this morning, after I got my bookshelves painted, my sis and I descended into the dank smelly basement to clean up. And were there almost constantly till about one o'clock. Each of us had a doughnut somewhere in there to tide us over till we really had some lunch.

And now there is a huge pile of black trash bags and brown cardboard boxes outside our garage. Not to mention the two bookshelves that are waiting for their second coat of white paint.


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