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Wow, this was a great trip.

We went to a city outside Nashville to help out with a VBS for poor kids that lived in the neighborhood behind the church where we were. I had charge of the K-1st graders, only three to seven of them (four most nights). I loved 'em.

Here's one of them doing crafts:

Craft time

She was Jasmine - a very pretty name. She was very shy at first, as you might expect, but she warmed up to us after a couple nights.

We also went on a few excursions: the Carter House (which was in the thick of the bloddiest battle, by percentage, of the Civil War)...

The Carter House Brentwood, TN to gawk at all the famous singers' houses...

Fancy house in Brentwood a little place called Merridee's, where famous singers frequent (Michael W. Smith was there the time we went) and where I enjoyed taking many black-and-white photos...

Pepper shaker in black and white

....and to the Opry Mills Mall, where we were able to take a self-guided tour of the Aquarium Underwater Dining Adventure.

Underwater dining room

All these excursions took place because a couple work projects didn't pan out, unfortunately. Sigh.

I may tell more later. Right now, the library is closing!


Mark said…
Oh, nice architecture! I just really love all of those amazing buildings down south. There's so many unknown ones that really are great.
RS said…
That there are. You would've laughed at the interior decorating of the Carter House, however... 'twas positively garish! I wasn't allowed to take inside pictures though.

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