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My last homeschool assessment! And pool stories.

We all went to a certified teacher's house again this morning to be assessed, just like last year and every summer before that for as long as I can remember.

It was nice. The lady, who also writes for her local newspaper, offered to let me write an article or two for the paper over my college breaks. (The newspaper is trying more to get students who are interested in journalism in on the action.) Wouldn't that be cool???

Also today, we went swimming. I got dunked about a hundred and fifty times. Well, maybe not that much. But it seemed like every time I came up for air, either my brother or our tall mutual friend dunked me again. Of course, once we got in to the really deep area, where none of us could get footing, I dunked them right back. Serves them right! :-P

By the way - has anyone ever played Dragon Tag under the mushroom in the pool? It's just like normal tag, only it's in the pool, and base is the mushroom - which must be reached by swimming under the wall of fire (which closely resembles a cascade of pool water for some reason). Of course, the dragon (It) is not hurt by the fire, so he doesn't have to dunk to chase us.


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