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Four days.

And I went shopping last night, to buy:
--milk, eggs, and Velveeta (for the family
--a medical thermometer, imitation vapo-rub stuff (I think it's officially "medicated chest rub"), a small tension rod, a power strip, and a pillow (for me at college)

Now I am slowly getting my trunk packed, along with a couple boxes, a laundry basket, a wastebasket, a suitcase and a duffel bag. No, seriously - I have a trunk and I know how to use it! :-P It will store clothes & linens, and double as seating.

Oh yeah, as far as furniture goes, I also plan to bring a bookcase (hence the boxes - they contain books, mostly) and a sewing machine. Now do you understand how big my dorm room happens to be? Considering I'll probably be able to arrange all the furniture along the walls...


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