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The Saga of The Skirt

I got some fabric for Christmas, as I may have mentioned. Purple & pink & blue seersucker, perfect for... a new skirt! Of course! I dug a neat pattern out of my pattern drawer... a pattern that ends up looking like it's a double-circular skirt because of all the pieces in it. And those things, combined with the time I had today, yielded just such a purple/pink/blue seersucker skirt!

But in the meantime, my poor old sewing machine broke. I warred for half an hour with it before supper, and for a few more minutes afterwards; and the result of all the fussing was my discovery that a little plastic gear in the depths of the machine was responsible for the whole thing turning useless. I was just half a hem away from completely finishing this skirt, and the machine went kaput! I was determined to get this thing done, so I camped out in the dorm lobby for... three hours, maybe? and hand-sewed the rest of the hem. And on what amounts to a double-circular skirt, that is no easy task.

But it is finished! And I promise I'll put up some pictures tomorrow... in addition to all the photos I took in downtown Washington, D.C.



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