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Brrr..... it's COLD!

I can't believe the wind chill yesterday dipped below zero.

But anyways....

I really can't think of anything to post, but since I'm sitting in the computer lab across from the classroom in which I have an exam in about twenty-three minutes I might as well post something. I already did three online practice quizzes, so it's not like I'm procrastinating as far as study goes. In fact, I actually learned a little from the quizzes, I think.

Slingshots are cool. A friend showed me one last night that has an arm brace so it's easier to hold it still when you're aiming it and pulling the rubber band thingy back.

Over break I'm going on a TRIP!!! I love trips. Hence, I went home this past weekend because I won't be home on break. (Oh, yeah... this is a college with a J-term in between semesters, so there's a comparatively short Christmas break before J-term and a teensy little break between J-term and the spring semester.) This will be a very interesting trip, too; and I'll have lots of pictures to show, and stories to tell, next week once I get back!! :-)


Anonymous said…
We had HIGHS below zero for a a few days in the last week...right now it's -1. I was outside with my sleeves rolled up's gonna be AMAZING when it gets up to 30 degrees, if that ever happens...


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