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What is a J-term like?

1. Not busy.

2. Except when you make it so.

3. Psychology has a lot of reading (~50 pages a night) fortunately. And tutorials as homework on top of it.

4. Still, evenings/nights are free to goof around.

5. A lot of people go on some sort of class trip (like art or psych, but not my psych class)

6. Me, I spend nights watching movies with friends (and doing a lot of talking in the meantime), videotaping friends lip-syncing to a song, and running around campus about midnight wearing preposterous makeup and hairdos. (One friend looked eighties, one friend looked goth, one friend looked rocker-chick--as she put it--and I resembled Stephanie Tanner from Full House, at least according to the three friends. Only because I had a pastel sweater, and wore my matching barrette on the very top of my head as opposed to at the back of my head like normal. I did put on an excess of blue eyeshadow though, and lipstick which was not blue. I don't have any pics--two of the friends were the ones with the cameras; not me this time.)

7. And, since there are at least three or four friends of mine who are also not interested in the championship game tonight (remember, this is Ohio), I am going to an apartment to watch Fiddler on the Roof. One girl hasn't even seen it before!


mafia said…
you are crazy.
RS said…
That's as may be.

Oh, BTW, I was telling Kara and another friend about your "why you shouldn't live in an apartment" story, and they wanted to read it, so I fixed the punctuation and put it on Facebook. (There's a sort of blog function on there.)
mafia said…
Hey, I object! :-p
Anonymous said…
You never added ME on Facebook...*cries*

That sounds a lot like my school all the time...

RS said…
M: too bad. I'm sure it provided a few minutes of amusement to the people who read it!

db: well, sometimes it is that way during regular semesters, but it seems as if J-term provides a little more free time. So I'm in a play now...

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