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January First of Two Thousand Eight (and Christmas #4)

Can you believe it? It's a new day... a new month... and of course, a new year. But the new month is what always gets me!

It snowed finally. No snow for Christmas, but a little for New Year's. That's okay, I suppose.

My brother is currently playing some game on his new (but classic, as in old) Pac-Man thingy (I almost want to call it a module or a console, but I'm not sure that would do--it's simply the joystick box plugged into the TV). A racing game, one of five games on there (of which the first is Pac-Man, of course!). The noise is the funniest thing! It reminds me of old Mario Brothers games, a little, but different I guess.

I'm not sure what else to write. It may be New Year's Day, but all we're going to do is visit my grandparents. And I will also eat lots of olive & cheese ball!! My grandmother has this incredibly appetizing recipe for a cheese ball which calls for black olives, bleu cheese & cream cheese, and nuts, but all mixed together it's a great taste (I hate olives all by themselves and have never had roquefort/bleu cheese other than in this recipe). Since she's still recovering (this is my formerly hospitalized grandmother), Mom made it last night to bring with us today, and made me help. (Not that I had any objection to helping!)

And of course there was New Year's Eve... a great time. Saw a movie with friends, went to said friends' house, ate, talked, and played games (particularly Uno). We've done it for several years in a row now....

As for Christmas Number Four... it was what, last Thursday? No, Wednesday! Yeah. It was great. Visited more cousins (can you tell that's the best part here?), got some gifts--I got some purple and pink seersucker fabric, of which I will make a skirt, hopefully this month. A nice flared skirt! I also got purple-handled sewing scissors. You see, this is the aunt who makes all her family's clothing and dress-up outfits in no time. Has a ton of sewing machines, half of which are inoperable but used for parts! So she and I had fun picking out patterns for what I was thinking of for an outfit. :-)

On a side note: apparently I'm fond of the phrase "of course." I just noticed how much I use it.


Anonymous said…
of course you are fond of the phrase....
RS said…
I hereby rolleth mine eyes unto thee. Again.
Anonymous said…
of course you would roll your eyes at me again. Do i get an award this time?

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