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The winter one-act play

I tried out for my first theatrical production last Thursday! It was fun! And I actually got a part!

Two parts, actually; one named "villager number two" and one named "Mr. Fox" who shall hereafter be known as "Miss Fox." And, added together, they actually have a decent amount of lines. Of course, there are basically two stars of the show--the Witch and the little girl who saves the day--but everyone else has roughly equal amounts of lines, perhaps partly due to a little doubling that had to be arranged.

Since there are four or five village people in a group, in this particular play, we are contemplating the different occupations we should have... maybe you see where this is going?... and have nearly settled on the policeman, the construction worker, and the Indian for three of them. We might try to work in a little "YMCA" movement during some down time too.... wouldn't that be hilarious? :-D

And the Witch! She's a friend of mine, one who's very good at adopting accents; and this time around she's acting the part of a Cockney witch. "I haven't the foggiest notion" and everything. She also does a very good Irish accent, and has the red hair to match; she was Mrs. Paroo in one production of "The Music Man," so she had to learn an Irish accent well. I've been helping her memorize her lines... the one she almost always stumbles over is:

"As a matter of fact, you're exactly exact!"


megan said…
i fixed the link to your blog to only include your initial!

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