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Home after J-Term

The nature of a J-term is peculiar. The student has only one class, but this class lasts only three and a half weeks. It's an intensive course, but at the same time J-term is the most relaxed time of the year. And a snowstorm will affect a J-term more than a normal semester, because any snow day is bound to cancel at least one hour of class, more likely two. (We had a snow day this past week; 'twas quite fun.)

And between the J-term and the spring semester is a break for a few days; mine lasts from today through Wednesday. It's a time to go back to visit family for the first time since around New Year's, and to remember anew how cold one's family keeps one's home (it's like sixty-six here, if that! And my room at college is much warmer than that!).

I've delved right back into the little affairs of the family. I'm probably going to help Mom some today, and I've already talked to my sis about books and given her a couple that I picked up from a freebie shelf (history books, one from 1950).

My roomie is visiting this weekend, too; she'll arrive this afternoon and stay till Monday or Tuesday, not sure how long yet. I'm excited. I want to go visit a little coffeeshop on the other side of town, and this might be the perfect time. :-)


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