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"Just As I Am" from the Beach Boys...

Wow. My cousin just sent me this video.... at 5:50 this group ("Glad", one of my favorites) does "Just As I Am" in the style of the Beach Boys...!


Guitarlady said…
Actually this is the tune to "We gather together" but with different words.
Guitarlady said…
I remember hearing them do this when they were at your school in concert! I think the "Ohio backhills" (sorta bluegrass) version is my favorite! :-)
RS said…
Oh ok. Do you know what song it really is then? (I apparently don't know Just As I Am well enough to distinguish it from some other hymn I don't know...)

I think they did "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" when we saw them, actually.

Hah, that would be your favorite. E. said she could see you and Aunt D. doing that together!

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