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Sing, sing, sing

There was an open-mic performance thing last night in my college's student union. A rare thing, that, but at least we get some use out of the little stage there!

When I and my roommate first talked about it a couple days ago, we found that we had each been thinking about participating, and had planned on asking the other to do it together! With such unity of mind, we picked a song (one she wrote last semester) and practiced it a bit. We needed a tenor for it, too, so we roped a fellow choir member into it on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night after we finished practicing and he left, the two of us batted around the idea of wearing matching clothing. But of course, yesterday morning my roomie wasn't up, so I just put one something I liked and figured we'd discuss the clothes later, if we were actually serious about it.

Last night before the three of us got together to practice again, my roomie went to find a shirt to match mine, and realized she also had a hat like mine, too. We were practically twins (ok not quite, but still!). Then when our tenor came over... he had put on a sweater in the exact colors that I had on, too! We decided that we had had ESP yesterday morning, for such a coincidence to have happened. :-D

And at the open-mic night... the two performers before us each did two songs. Not just one. We only had the one song prepared. One must conform, though, right? So right before we got on stage, we decided we'd do "As The Deer" (hooray for familiar worship songs...) since my roomie can sing it in Japanese too, and we figured that would be interesting for the audience. I already knew it on guitar (and had sung the harmony for church before), so I figured we'd have no trouble winging it.

We did "As The Deer" better than our prepped song!


Now for your weather. It's below zero outside, which with wind chill must make it feel at least fifteen below. It's not the most comfortable temperature.


mafia said…
You sound weird on the radio.
Do you have any pictures of you the others as "twins"? Is it Tim?
RS said…
How so?

Nope, it was Andrew. Tim didn't think he could pull it off, or was busy or something, I forget. Unfortunately we had no pictures.
Guitarlady said…
Too bad there's no pics! Could you three put on the referenced raiment and strike a pose? At least we'd get to see what you looked like.
Guitarlady said…
When I saw your headline, I thought it would either be telling of a long drum solo or some jazz piece! :-)
RS said…
Ah, I think it'd be too much trouble to do all that. You can just imagine it a little. You know that silk purple short-sleeved dress shirt we found at Wal-Mart awhile ago? That over a black turtleneck and worn with my black hat (that you probably haven't seen!). Alicia had a black sweater (the kind with holes) over a purple top, and wore a knitted hat with a brim too. Andrew just had a black-and-purple teeny-striped sweater on.

I figured you would think of that! :-P

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